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West Virginia University Institute of Technology is proudly launching the first on-line CS4HS (Computer Science for High School) Workshop. The entire workshop will be on-line. The workshop is free of charge. The contents delivered are aligned with NGSS and CSTA Standards. Workshop period: July 19th to August 17th The primary focus of our online workshop is to construct a scalable platform to instruct fundamental knowledge and skills of Computer Science to high school teachers. Our 2014 Google CS4HS Workshop is open to high school teachers in USA and Canada who are interested in professional development in the discipline of Computer Science. By attending the 2014 Google CS4HS online workshop, the participants would learn about fundamental knowledge of Computer Science; they would get hands-on training on various pedagogical tools; they would be exposed to state-of-the-art computing technologies; and, they would have opportunities to discuss with university educators on how to prepare high school students (particularly those from minority groups) for college majors related to computer/computing. The workshop offers two tracks: software track and hardware track. Participants can select either or both tracks. Both tracks include multiple theoretical sessions (online lectures through CourseBuilder), hands-on sessions (live labs through Google Hangout), and discussion sessions (to answer participants questions). Specifically, the software track focuses on algorithm development and Java programming, and the hardware track presents comprehensive description of typical computer hardware architecture and configuration.


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